Will Price: 07/01/2019

Innovation is the lifeblood of Silicon Valley. Technological and business model disruptions drive the routine of category, company, and wealth creation. Development often leads to high development and development needs the launch of processes to ensure quality and range often. There is, however, an apparent tension between process and innovation, between disruption and standardization.

How does a company best manage that tension and steer clear of the extremes of creative anarchy vs bureaucratic and rigid process? Companies that improve for range often start to look like eBay – a monolithic application that is always up but nonetheless appears the same five years later. While companies that improve for creativeness, like Handspring, stumble with quality and return issues.

BusinessWeek lately profiled the impact of process, via Six Sigma, on creativity within an article on 3M. In 2000, 3M employed Jim McNerney from GE and introduced a complete quality management initiative made to lower costs and drive efficiencies. The ongoing company cut 8,000 jobs, operating margins grew from 17 to 23%, and a large number of Six Sigma dark belts were trained and converted loose on the business. The short term gains proved popular with Wall St, however, longer term cracks began to appear.

Historically, 3M prided itself of providing 1/3 of its sales from products released during the last five years. Beneath the Six Sigma program, however, the ratio of revenue from new products fell to 1/4 and the ongoing company lost its creative edge. At Hummer Winblad, we think that founders are the key creative sparks that drive innovation and vision.

A business college framework identifies three classes of company: operational quality, customer intimacy, and product command. VC-backed companies typically succeed via a concentrate on either customer product or intimacy leadership. Senior executive hires that seek to optimize operational excellence prematurily . in the business’s development have a tendency to lead to frustrated engineers and a rigidity that eliminates the chance to innovate.

The absence of innovation in a company with few customers or product offerings is an almost certain predictor of failure. Ideally, our founder-CEOs add a wrapper of operational excellence to their core focus on product leadership and innovation. Process, moreover, can be brought in at the VP level to compliment innovation and also to help institute best practices that help with visibility and predictability while working to avoid hindering creativity and a culture of trial and iteration.

In summary, it is hard to balance advancement and process, however, in early stage companies innovation is a prerequisite to success. Accordingly, it is very dangerous to move company founders to personnel roles and to hire senior professionals with functional depth but little emotional or intrinsic connection to the merchandise market and problem.

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Much of the worthiness from a privately kept business is derived from the benefits of working in the business. There is the very real concern that the integrity of the gift or estate taxes business valuations will be affected if the sisters are bought out at a cost getting close to a pro-rated department of total business value.

Unfortunately, generally, nothing is done and because of this there are literally hundreds of vast amounts of dollars of minority passions in privately kept business that are providing little come back or no return to their owners. We will work with estate planning attorneys, tax traders and accountants to create solutions. One of the keys to unlocking the liquidity in these minority interests is for the business owner to recognize this example prior to building his estate plan. Unfortunately, we are often brought in after the fact and a fair final result then is contingent upon the majority owners honoring dads original intention of fairness and working toward that end.

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