Risk Factors For Gallstone Formation During Rapid Loss Of Weight

Risk factors for the development of gallstones during rapid weight loss were evaluated in 457 subjects who moved into a weight-control program (520 kcal/day). Absence of gallstones in these subjects was documented by ultrasonography to entry into the study prior. The positive predictive value of these risk factors was 75%, however the sensitivity was only 12%. These observations show that risk factors for the development of gallstones during rapid weight loss are probably different from those in the general population. The factors identified by this scholarly study are useful in predicting patients at high risk for gallstones. However, since only a minority of gallstones that form can be predicted, further study is required to identify additional factors that will improve our ability to predict gallstone formation.

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  • Sedentary (no exercise): Calorie-Computation = BMR by 1.only two
  • Fight disease
  • Considered investigational by some doctors and insurance companies
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  • 4 Days, 11 Pounds – The New York Times
  • Bilal Nichols

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