Rising Dividend Investing

No investment strategy involves a person’s brain fully formed. Neither does it come entirely through the intelligence of a wise professor, or the persuasion of an insightful writer. An investment strategy one is willing to bet his / her life cost savings on is one that has been molded and tested in the fires of adversity and has shown its mettle and its worth.

These pages have been filled with stories about the merits of rising dividend investing. A lot of you who are scanning this blog can be purchased with this strategy; while many of you may think it is simply a clever marketing strategy. During the next few weeks, I would like to share the story of how I came to understand the hidden value of rising dividend investing. As you will notice, the Rising Dividend Story is a story within a story really.

I have observed this tale first hand, but it isn’t mine. As well as perhaps, if I was not willing to toss good stocks and shares at bad prices, I will be taking benefit of the collapse and begin buying. These questions constantly cycled through my mind. As they did, a strange sense of unknowing took up residence in me, and I came in person with the reality that the best trend investment strategy which it had followed for so a long time was at a finish.

Circumstances got shown it was ideal only for “fair weather” trading, and the weather had flipped as bad as it turned out in 60 years. Yet, having said this, the sense of unknowing was not a feeling of hopelessness or misunderstandings. I needed an intuitive feeling that there is no smart way to flee the crash, and the most important thing to do was to keep things very simple and steer clear of emotional responses both in myself and in my clients. In short supply of another 1929 melancholy, the firms we possessed would make it through this period, and I down knew when things calmed, they might be the first to rebound.

As Black Monday wore on and the telephone phone calls from frightened clients kept coming, I understood that I had few answers to them. If they insisted on selling Even, the marketplace was running so behind that the costs I saw on my display much, at times, were a full hour behind the actual trading. It was anybody’s guess what a person would actually receive for the sale of a stock. A big day for the Dow Jones in those days was a positive or negative change of 20 points. The day down 200 points before rallying back to down only 80 points by mid-morning The market opened.

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When it again fell by over 200 factors, something within me provided way, your day and I knew the market was heading for a great deal lower before the end of. Lower than I possibly could have imagined ever. As the market continued to fall through each succeeding 100-point drop, I came across myself with a growing recognition that the crash would likely do as much psychological harm as financial harm. It also posed a significant risk to the lifetime of the tiny investment firm, which I had helped begin in the previous yr. I had been in the investment business for 12 years, and this small investment firm was the culmination of my dreams. This might be a battle not and then protect our investor’s possessions, it would also be considered a fight to save our company.

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