Pinay Beauty And Style: Fernberry Daily Body Scrub Review

I come with an addiction for body scrubs as well as for a good reason. Since I’ve hit my 30’s, my normally supple and even skin has been prone to bouts of dryness leading to dry epidermis patches. I’m not just a lover of applying creams. This is the justification why I used to be intrigued by the Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub! You see, from the name itself, the Fernberry Daily Body Scrub is gentle for everyday use enough.

I also have seen and read a few reviews from across the world stating that the scrub is actually good. Thankfully I could try (them, they are on sale!) and OMG! The Fernberry Moisturizing Mousse Ultra-Fine Daily Body Scrub will probably be worth every penny! So, What is Fernberry Skincare? Fernberry is an extravagance skincare and body care brand from Japan that offer specially developed products that are clear of harmful ingredients. They may be cruelty free also. I wrote about the entire line in my own FERNBERRY REVIEW BLOG and also discussed their products in 2 videos. Unfortunately one of my videos was flagged by YouTube and I still do not know why.

Anyways fret not because I’m going to be writing more in this website! And here is a connect to my Tagalog video about my fernberry review too! I am more than impressed with the product packaging, delivery, and delivery. The merchandise is packed in a lovely white box that housed the product in a pipe. The tube is meant for ease of use in the shower and it is also safe for travel.

I like their focus on details because they included key information in the box itself and the tube packaging. I cannot find an expiration time but I doubt this can last more than a few weeks on you once you’ve tried this! Using Natural Exfoliants Only! The exfoliator in this all-natural cruelty-free body scrub is very fine sea sodium. The sodium dissolves in drinking water after you’ve used it to scrub your skin layer and rinse it off.

  • Strive for greatness. – Lebron James
  • Dot the bb cream on the areas designated out in step 6
  • 3 fresh strawberries, washed well
  • Chegg Play
  • Oil Based Foundation
  • Can be used on normal/combination and dry epidermis as well
  • 16 hour wear
  • Lupus (SLE)

Safe for wildlife and marine life because they do not use plastic material beads. The claims are all true! Gentle Enough for Daily Use – YES! I’ve very sensitive epidermis and I’ve used this daily body scrub with no issues like inflammation or dryness. Definitely true to being truly a daily body scrub. Soothes the Skin – YES!

The fragrance is very relaxing and scrubbing your skin layer with this feels like a gentle massage therapy. I take advantage of this 2x weekly for pampering and relaxation. Delivers Silky Softness – YES! The texture of the scrub is a little creamy and you may feel they added some skin-softening oils. I find that my skin is extra soft and nice after a shower by using this daily body scrub from Fernberry. The scrub practically melts into your skin. No harshness whatsoever! The Fernberry can be purchased by you Moisturizing Mousse Ultra Fine Daily Body Scrub at this hyperlink. Buy Fernberry gift sets in this link!