Comic Books That Are Undervalued

I know as a trader that comic books from the 1960s which have a British Pence price do not reach the ideals attained for the same book that has an American cent price. Many people are under the misconception that the British copies are reprints, they aren’t. The British copies were imprinted for the UK market usually at the end of the print run when the printers would be transformed to print X amount of copies targeted at the united kingdom market. Here we have the debut of the first dark super-hero The Black Panther. With its black cover it’s very difficult to find in high quality.

Hard to find in high quality because of its bright pink cover. 142 in 1948, indeed it is only the individuals 3rd appearance. I own a framed copy of the book myself it has a beautiful near mint cover but sadly within it has fell apart! Only the next appearance of Deadpool.

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98 achieve its amazing that this concern goes for next to nothing at all. Considering what a major player the character of Rogue has become in the Marvel Universe i am always surprised how cheaply this issue which represents her first appearance is designed for even in high quality. 83 and the price for owning a first appearance of 1 of Marvels major character types printed only 2 years roughly later seems cheap compared.

Nick Fury has been around now for over 50 years, this issue actually pre- schedules the first performances of Daredevil, Dr Strange and the X-Men! That is a very undervalued book in my own honest opinion. 1 has always been considered the first Marvel annual but this reserve arrived in the same season and is much harder to find! This reserve features the first Steve Ditko Hulk artwork since the original Hulk series.

59 which features the Hulk/Giant Man fight. 27 ” The Man In The Anthill” and a month before we see Ant-Man in outfit could this have been the first Bee-Man? This book is usually offered at a sensible price but try finding a copy in decent condition. Spider-man , The Flash, Green Lantern how do they start?

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