Best Things In Beauty

I discovered the downside of not blogging yesterday. Saks Chevy Chase experienced a Tim Quinn appearance, and I wasn’t asked. Beauty blogs have changed a lot, I have no idea whether I must attempt Round 2. So most of them have features I don’t want to offer: YouTube videos, Instagram articles, photos of the blogger modeling colors.

With the exclusion of the last, I’m bored by most of it. I’m not going to get all dolled up to model lipstick colors. That’s not me these days. Besides, I spend nearly every weekday coping with the rebuilding and tear-down of my house. Plus mourning all my lost makeup and following up on the restoration of my art and antiques. I found out on Google that my blog is related to my real name, Adrienne Whyte.

I’m still Charlestongirl, but it’s no key that Charlestongirl is a pseudonym that expresses my love for my kitty and the city in South Carolina. Charlie, for short, probably amazing things why we are residing in a small percentage of the space of my house, but he has adjusted well to apartment life.

He has even become used to nurses letting themselves in to ask if I’m arriving to brunch! I am sure, given the nature of this facility, that they really want to make sure I’m alive. I came here for rehab after pneumonia, but many are here for helped living. Sadly, some do die in their apartments. I’m staying here, though, until the house is rebuilt.

I don’t want to go again, and I’m five minutes from the house. I’ve been restocking the makeup collection but restricting my buys two must-haves. I proceeded to go overboard in the past and can’t afford to do that anymore. At this time, I’m looking forward to one container from Guerlain and another from Chanel. Prior to the fire, I put most of the Chanel springtime collection. It’s gone now. I actually think one of the numerous people in my house required the package.

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  2. 6 years ago from Neverland
  3. Razor and razor blades

Losing the Chanel Collection was a blow, as was dropping most of my jewelry, clothing, and “supplies,” like four boxes of contacts. The only very good news about the house is that I could own it rebuilt to my specifications. It shall be all new! I’ll replace Charlie’s screened porch with a sun room (he might be unhappy with that decision) and even finish area of the basement easily can pay for after the mortgage is paid. I’ll be very busy choosing everything for the house, but I will make an effort to blog when I have beauty news I’d like to share. I want a new computer, which are purchased, and my camera. The camera appears to be in a container in storage at the restoration company. The new computer is required because the firemen threw mine out the window. I’ll stay in touch as soon as I can recreate my blogging set-up. My best to everyone!

The hot rollers harm. After a few hours, Roni took them out and Freddie discovered that he had curls! The result of curling his locks was astonishing. He looked more like a girl than ever before. In fact, looking at himself in the reflection, it was hard to assume that a young man place beneath those lovely tresses and very layers of clothing. Roni was triumphant and crowned her achievement by controlling to connect a white bow in Freddie’s hair “There! Now you really are my little sister!” She kissed him on the forehead. So began Freddie’s bizarre life as Ron’s little sister.

Under Ron’s direction, he daily got dedicate himself, get his locks fixed and had to change dresses three times a day. Roni insisted on him going to sleep at seven and he previously wear a frilly nightdress and have his hair put in rollers. Freddie found the whole experience humiliating. He had to get used to walking around in dresses that swishing as he transferred and having fussy bits of lace and frills ever in his vision. Worst of all, although his very frilly panties were hidden beneath the dresses of his dress, he understood, and Roni understood, all of the time, that they were being worn by him.