Annie Weighs…: 8/1/11

Overweight Can Snack Up On You! Snacks. I really like them and hate them at the same time. I want snacks to get me through my day but don’t always make the best choices. I often get a mini-Weight Watchers snack pub. While they’re quite tasty, they don’t really fill me up and I usually finish up eating another thing, too. I am trying lately to change up my snacking to healthier choices that fill me up and stick to me. It so happens that the subject was what we should be spoken about at my WW conference last night, too. Yes, I went to WW on vacation, I’ve never missed a meeting since I joined up with!

So what types of foods fill you up for much longer and make good snack foods? Healthy excess fat such as avocados, nuts, and peanut butter should be enjoyed in small amounts but provide essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamin supplements and are great to sit with foods from the above list. My new favorite treat is peanut and apple-butter sandwiches. They fill me up, give me my peanut butter (I love PB!) and satisfy a sugary craving, too.

Apples are full of fibers and peanut butter provides me protein, which means this snack is sure to stick to me between foods without wanting anything else. Knowing when to treat is another obstacle for some. I desire something around 10AM and 3PM often. Knowing this, I make an effort to be prepared and do not let myself see through those times without a snack to avoid over-eating once I do get a snack or to another meal. Being conscious of when you usually need a treat is powerful knowledge that you can use in your favor. Being prepared for those snack times shall assist you in your weight-loss goals. Take into account that food is fuel. It ought to be enjoyed but not too much and make sure that whatever you’re eating is worth it!

Change training regular at least regular. Increase training strength each workout. This may mean more weight, reps, and units. Use heavy, basic power actions that strike the deep muscle fibers. Avoid isolation or “finishing” movements. Keep reps in the 5 – 10-rep range. If increases in muscle and power remain sluggish, shock the body into growth with such techniques as 10 units of 10 repetitions for just one exercise per bodypart. Only utilize this shocking technique once every eight weeks.

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Focus on raising heavier weights to increase strength and not by cutting time between sets. Rest at least 60 mere seconds between sets. Rest at least five minutes between bodyparts. Try forced reps Occasionally, supersets, tri-sets, and other strength techniques, but do not use them too heavily. Longer recuperation intervals indicate more rest times.

Because of high metabolic process, get at least 8hrs sleep each night. If possible rest throughout the day. Train when exhausted or not completely retrieved Never. Keep aerobic activities to a minimum, per week no more than three times. Too much aerobics will stall progress. Keep cardio conditioning at the lower end of the target heart rate for no more than 20 minutes per session. Good aerobic fitness exercise choices include fixed bike, fast walking, and fitness treadmill.

An excellent diet and proper supplementation are crucial. Have a protein shake 90 minutes before bedtime. Increase daily consumption of fibrous sugars whilst limiting the intake of simple sugars. Supplement with a good multivitamin/nutrient. Keep stress levels low and understand how to relax, using such techniques as visualization, yoga exercises, and meditation.

Stress induced cortisol levels can be detrimental to muscle building. Minimize outside activities that use moderate to huge amounts of energy. Think energy saving in everything you do. The mesomorph is somewhere within the circular endomorph and the slim ectomorph. The large head, broad shoulders, and narrow waist (wedge-shaped). Genetically gifted; greatest bodybuilding potential.

Long torso, full chest, good make to waist proportion. Responds well to training, which involves heavy basic movements along with shaping exercises. The greater varied the workout program, the better the total results. Alternate 3-4 weeks of high-intensity training with several weeks of lower intensity workouts to promote growth and strength and prevent burnout.