White Board Wall Benefits 1

White Board Wall Benefits

A White Board Wall is a great way to increase productivity. A University of Victoria study found that whiteboard walls encourage more face-to–face interaction, which is a sign that managers care about their employees and makes them perform better. These walls are also great for displaying large numbers of details. This encourages creativity and stimulates ideas. Here are some advantages of a White Board Wall. For more information, please read on. In case you have virtually any issues about where as well as the way to utilize White Board Easels, you are able to call us with the web Highly recommended Internet page.

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Painting provides a whiteboard with unlimited space and a dry erase finish. This paint acts like a magnet whiteboard but does not require any weight or bulk. This paint is lighter than bulky metal sheets. It can be easily installed and allows for unlimited space for planning or presentations. Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint can be used for as long or as you wish with a 10-year warranty.

Floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls panels for Workwall

Workwall whiteboard wall panels are floor-to–ceiling and offer greater creativity and customization. There are two options for finishing your whiteboard wall panels. One is standard, and the other is digital printing technology. This allows for customized designs. Customized artwork, logos and images are an excellent option for long-term inspiration and design appeal. You can find these wall panels in many sizes, including small and large.


These tips will help you remove a board from your wall. Abrasive cleaners are best avoided. They may harm the painted wall finish and make the whiteboard surface more prone to scratches and stains. For any whiteboard paint that remains, you could also try a solution with alcohol or vinegar. You should not leave the cleaning agent on the wall for more than a few minutes. The paint removing solution can be too abrasive for your board and may compromise its painted finish. Abrasion will result in easier stains and reduced erasability.

BLIK Whiteboard

White Board Wall Benefits 2

BLIK’s interactive chalkboard and whiteboard, the Not Whiteboard, is available in 26 smart colours. The flexible boards feature two different shapes and patterns, and allow you to mix and match whiteboard and chalkboard colors to create the perfect mix. The not-whiteboard also comes in a variety of different patterns, orientations, and color combinations. The not-whiteboard has something for everyone, from the kitchen to classroom.


It’s a great way for your team to stay motivated and inspired. Whether it’s in a classroom or a business, a working wall promotes sharing ideas and feedback. Working whiteboards were first popularized in the field of design and have since been used in many other settings. Whiteboard walls can be used to encourage creativity and provide unique workplace benefits. You can read more about the numerous benefits of working whiteboard walls.

Frost White Markerboard

Quartet’s Frost White Markerboard can be used in high traffic areas and is stylish and practical. Its frameless design adds a subtle touch to any wall and offers users the ability to expand the writing surface. The premium tempered magnetic writing surface of this board resists ghosting, smears and is white frosted to provide a contrast against any dry-eraser color.

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