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On reading the myths and the proposed approach business architecture must therefore imply a much tighter environment that I and many I relate with think. For instance, I know one person that dislikes capability maps intensely and he believes value chains are they way to go; is he less of a business architect than others? In fact this individual is a considerable strategy writer with numerous books to his years and name of experience; but if he doesn’t use capability mapping then this isn’t business architecture say the standards body!

UPDATE: Matchstick is aware of this post, and it is not happy. Bad English is on prominent display on Outstrip’s website–check away, for instance, this illiterate blog post–and in its Twitter give food to. On Medium, a profile called Felicia Stone is the purported writer of a series of similarly badly-written articles, where all the links point to Outstrip.

Although I’m listing them separately here, I really believe there’s a solid possibility that Outstrip and Ascribed LLC (see above) are the same operation. Both Outstrip and Ascribed are registered as LLCs in the condition of Delaware. Outstrip’s Terms of Service are identical to Ascribed. The two companies’ online publication marketing packages are strikingly similar, with similar dopey names, sky-high prices, and features, including regular monthly “author-estimate postings”, whatever those are.

Large portions of Outstrip’s “Exsupero” Mainstream Media Package (which will not now have a menu link on Outstrip’s website) are word-for-word identical to Ascribed’s “Nexus” Mainstream Media Package (including English-language lapses). Outstrip also appears to be linked to at least two other clones: Sherlock Press and Stonewall Press (see below). Entire paragraphs of Outstrip’s Terms of Service, as well as its refunds policy, are reproduced in Sherlock Press’s Terms of Service and refunds plan. And both Stonewall and Outstrip Press sell ad space in Goldcrest Publication, which has no self-employed lifetime apart from these two companies.

I’ve gotten lots of reviews from authors who’ve been solicited out of the blue by PageTurner Press and Media. Like many clones, PageTurner positively attempts to poach authors off their current self-pub or web publishers platforms, declaring that its “agents” or “scouts” have discovered the author’s book and that it will offer a better offer than the author’s current situation.

Here’s PageTurner’s re-publication pitch, incorporated with the email solicitation it sent to one AuthorHouse-published author. Fortunately, the writer smelled a rat and approached me. The price tag for this PUBLISHING GRANT? In addition to publishing deals, PageTurner’s array of “Powerhouse Services” (a.k.a junk marketing) reads like it was ripped from the web site of an Author Solutions imprint (which of course is no accident). 2016, a whole or before it signed up its web domains.

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There’s a good bogus honor. In its logo design, Twitter feed, and various videos, including a cutesy whiteboard video and a seriously cheesy pretend newscast, Paramount Books Media sells writers’ most fevered desire: making their books into films (Paramount. The book-to-screen is also a scammer’s desire, because such packages–one of Author Solutions’ signature junk marketing offerings–can be provided cheaply and sold at an enormous markup. In Paramount’s case, though, its publication to screen pitch seems mostly designed to get authors to spring for really bad publication trailers.

Paramount doesn’t appear to offer publishing packages, just marketing services. As usual, there is certainly zero verifiable information about the business or its staff. Two complaints on Ripoff Report, one alleging unauthorized credit card charges, the other claiming an unfulfilled sales guarantee, suggest the way the company operates. Paramount doesn’t provide a street address, but it is registered in California as an LLC.