Pink And Undecided 1

Pink And Undecided

The products inside the package are so pinky and kawaii, very consistent with my visual haha – oh and both products are related to eye! The eyeshadow is housed inside a very kawaii cardboard container shaped such as a mini teenager mag! In addition, it comes with a super pretty little wide but level brush.

Their idea is that you can use the brush to get both shades at the same time and swipe it on your eyelids so within 5 secs you are finished with your eyeshadow! So yes, it really works – is it acceptable for makeup junkies to just apply using the brush? No, not all haha. Finger swatched. Both shades are shimmery (needlessly to say from a Korean brand), the champagne shade is TO DIE FOR.

It’s very prettyyyy, the fine glitters are so mesmerizing and the dark brown shade compliments the champagne so well. On days after i am very lazy and just want to have some color on my eyes, i’d just slather the champagne all over my lid and add eyeliner – already very and all set!

The texture of the eyeshadow is quite nice, it is not chalky and i didn’t see any fall off (which is always a plus, yea?). Effortless look within five minutes! Falling back in love with simple K-Style attention makeup because of this eyeshadow! After trying this Eye Magazine, i am definitely very interested on trying out more products from Chosungah! Like a pink obsessed person, obviously the all pink packaging really makes me happy!

Instructions and ingredient list. Noticed that they tell you firmly to leave the patch on up to 30 minutes? Usually hydro gels can only be left on 15-20 minutes because your skin would already absorbed the serum, but Heimish’s serum is much thicker so that it can hydrate your under eye for much longer!

A second lid to ensures the serum is safely hidden inside and won’t dry out fast, also a spatula to get the patches easier and also more hygienic ofc! I am not actually a fan of floral scents aside from rose – i really do love rose scented everything! The fragrance of the vision patch is unmistakably Bulgarian rose, but it isn’t super overpowering also – just right! After 30 minutes your undereyes are super hydrated, supple and fresh!

Sounds expensive, until you do a little math. This pipe is 75 grams. So here, we essentially get 30 grams for 1120 yen pre-tax. Suddenly, we are firmly in the low end drugstore category. The real reason for it’s very simple. The ingredients are very basic and no-frills. Here, take a look. Appears like your garden-variety no-name basic Japanese sunscreen, doesn’t it? I plugged them into CosDNA for your reading pleasure – link. It covers the complete range of UVA2 and UVA1 and UVB. Nothing at all to here complain about.

And because so many Japanese chemical substance sunscreens, it also includes alcohol (ethanol). I am confident that the violent “fresh” scent is there solely to cover up the stench of ethanol. The alcohol can be experienced on your skin, no doubt about any of it. But, unlike the perfume, it evaporates pretty quickly. And although I dislike formulations with ethanol as the second ingredient, this one does not bother my skin. At least it didn’t bother me on the times after i actually were able to wear this this thing for the whole day. I had formed to get my brain into that zen state of higher awareness to have the ability to disregard the stench.

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I suggest, the smell. I mean, the fresh bouquet perfume. I were able to accomplish it by not taking my hay fever medication and becoming a mouth breather. Don’t worry, A face mask was worn by me in public areas. Despite its lovely texture and the business’s assurances of moisturizing properties, it isn’t moisturizing at all. It absorbs to a slight sheen, which disappears after an full hour, roughly (if worn without makeup). The sensation of freshness endures a few hours at most.

I suppose it could work ideal for oily or normal epidermis, but for dried out pores and skin it’s a no go. All standard, garden-variety sunscreen promises. No bells and whistles here. I don’t wear that much makeup. I couldn’t find any promises of sweat- or sebum- or waterproofness anywhere on the package or the leaflet. Now let’s quickly take a look at this limited edition abomination – Paul & Joe Suncream. Ms Y got it for me, so I would have the complete set. I’d have never got it by myself, because I simply can’t find out the goal of a “suncream”.