10130 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, Chatsworth, CA 1

10130 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, Chatsworth, CA

This review is for Vincent who’s a trainer at Fitness 19. He is the BOMB! I have already been working out for over 25 years faithfully. I think I am well versed on how to workout pretty. I trained with Vincent and it was awesome! THEREFORE I trained with him again! He showed me new things and still left me energized and motivated completely. I feel so great after i train with him! So far as the fitness center will go, it has a pretty good vibe.

It is clean and has lots to offer. The gear is clean and never broken. There’s a great variety of equipment/tools. Review on No hassle sign up process and tour experience. Easy and smooth. The next we got in, Justin greeted and aided us with this inquiries. He gave us a tour, not rushing and explaining how great the fitness center is.

Women’s locker room is sooooo clean. Cycling machines were being cleaned out/wiped down whenever we were touring. They got rowing hydromassage and machines seats -And appears like machines are all working(unlike other gyms with broken equipment. Got a good deal. Convinced that it’s the right fitness center for me, Kelsey and him contributed to the super easy sign up process. They explained the terms well quite.

I asked a lot of questions, and i mean a LOT of questions, and this business patiently continued heading over the facts. 20 gift card promotion they were having, that i forgot to retrieve(we were rushing out) I’m sure I won’t have trouble retrieving it. All in all, people here appear great!

Can’t wait to start! I have already been coming here for nearly 5 years. I love how friendly and helpful the staff is. They are always cleaning the gear and making enhancements at any chance they get. It’s nice arriving here, feels as though a grouped family with all the current familiar and friendly members.

I love that there is so many treadmills, bicycles and elliptical’s. The fitness center was created fairly properly. I went to this gym because one of the best instructors taught there. I had not been happy and i made a decision to cancel. The clerk at the table gave me the wrong information. I really like this fitness center, it’s affordable, they keep it clean pretty, plus there are numerous machines, classes, and weights to choose from.

The staff is also very friendly. I would recommend Fitness 19 and I love training here. This place is disgusting dirty every machine looks like there is certainly sweat onto it, the employees aren’t engaged the bathrooms are the worst. If you don’t learn how to use a machine you gotta physique it out on your own. The WIFi has been down for weeks.

  • Adopting a tech-savvy mindset
  • It can be utilized, though to a limited degree, in a swimming pool
  • Sjogren’s syndrome (a problem that triggers insufficient moisture production by the glands)
  • 1980 Frank Zane Invitational – 2nd Place
  • You will need to have passed a psychological evaluation to prove you are fit for surgery
  • Keep reps in the 5 – 10 rep range
  • It’s an effort to market active transportation and fitness
  • Workout Program

If you looking for a fitness center this ain’t it. It’s been 4-5 a few months since my wife’s regular membership was canceled and we remain getting charged. They cause you to call another company that deals with their funds back again, we do, they make us email, we do.. 20 a month. This fitness center is stealing money from us at this point actually.

Very clean and nice fitness center. I enjoy training here, most of the social people are extremely nice. There is a sales member named Kevin who is very knowledgeable and approachable. I have a background in fitness and talking with him was a breath of fresh air because he could be extremely up to date with fitness tips.