HOW DO I Copy Songs From My IPod To A New PC? 1

HOW DO I Copy Songs From My IPod To A New PC?

Not long ago, my hard drive crashed and along with it went my entire iTunes library of almost 10,000 songs. Initially, I panicked, I remembered that the entire collection was on my iPod then. When I acquired my new PC, I decided to be able to install iTunes and sync it back.

I was deceased wrong. In its default setting, iTunes only allows the transfer process to visit one way – from the computer to your iPod. If your personal computer music collection is empty, it’ll sync your iPod to the unfilled collection meaning everything on your ipod device will be erased. Lucky for me personally, I figured this out before I clicked the sync button.

After I decided that this had not been a choice, I hit Google and began looking for solutions. I read several tutorials for how to transfer the data on my own. Unfortunately, I was not comfortable doing it on my own. I have thousands committed to my music collection and I did not trust my own skills to transfer the tunes without screwing something up. I used to be relieved when I discovered a handful of programs out there to aid people in the problem I came across myself in.

I researched many of the programs and read reviews before finally settling on the Lenogo iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone to PC Transfer program. There are several highly rated programs out there to get this done actually. I chose this particular program over others, since it offered a free trial version where I could test it out before buying it and because the reviews were positive. I had been surprised with how easy this program was to use pleasantly. I downloaded the trial offer and installed in on my new computer. Then I connected my iPod to the computer (turn off iTunes when it tried to automatically weight) and then ran the Lenogo program.

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Once everything was beginning up, I could see all the tracks on my iPod through the Lenogo software. Then I selected every one of the songs and opt for a folder on my new computer where I wanted them copied. About a quarter-hour later, I was done. I put preserved most of my songs and had them backed up to the new computer now. Later I reopened iTunes and imported all of the music from the folder I had formed saved the music in and re-synced the iPod. It worked well without a hitch. If you find yourself in this example, don’t sweat it. Your music lost is not forever!

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