Innisfree Long Wear Cushion BB (Review/Swatch) 1

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion BB (Review/Swatch)

I have a preexisting one from Laniege that was not used up). I made a decision to use them because you may already know, keeping the makeup for too much time isn’t really very advisable therefore I thought I’d make good use of them and write some reviews for everyone. So my idea is to check each product out daily for a week and even if it sucks (touch hardwood! I would have given it sufficient time to determine how to work the merchandise to my epidermis.

This is how I am going to try the other BB cushions on the way. You can follow me on IG (@paulalogy) to see what I will be testing out week on week. My first new BB cushioning is from Innisfree – Innisfree Long Wears Cushion in No. 21 Natural Beige. One thing to note is that all the brands in Korea usually have shades in the same figures i.e. 13, 21, 23 etc, and they’re usually the same color epidermis tones across most brands.

My usual Laniege BB color is No. 21 in Natural Beige therefore I told my cousin to pick No. 21 for me from Innisfree. Wrong move, you’ll see why later on! Picked the Long Wear type over the Water Glow option because I’ve normally oily/combination skin. The Water Glow is more intended for providing hydration so those of you with dry skin types should try that rather than the Long Wear version. Here’s the BB cushioning pact. It includes a mirror in the small and a plastic material cover attached to over the cushion area that you should place the sponge on top of it.

I’ve always thought it was a nifty little idea to have the design of the lid in this manner actually! Kudos to whoever who thought of it in Korea haha! When you open the cushioning pact for the very first time, there would be a sticker seal on the cushion area to indicate that it’s a fresh product. I already threw mine away by the right time, I began taking photos because of this entry so, will attempt and keep that at heart for my next BB cushioning in a few days! I typically simply take the flat sponge puff, press it into the pillow and then gradually pat the product all over my face once.

  • Retinoids (Retin-A)
  • Remember Special Occasions
  • Sweta Patange – ROOP gives a nice glow to handle and they have faded some acne dark marks
  • September 1
  • It has a smooth finish
  • Statement of name and quantities of ingredients that are hazardous and/or poisonous

One thing that I’ve noticed from using this Innisfree cushioning pact is that the cushion sponge is really tough and I must say i needed to press quite hard into the sponge to get the merchandise onto the puff. My Laniege one is a lot softer and less ‘tiring’ to use you! Ok, I’m really just ordinary lazy: x Use makeup should also use power some logic eh? Imagine the surprise of my life while I applied the BB cream on the first day first.

I thought it could oxidize on me, so I happily remaining home looking like that. My final considered this product – I like it! Even if the color didn’t match me lol. It lasted as its name recommended for a long period and every day while I used my makeup wipes to wipe off the product, there was also remaining on my face actually. So given that we reside in such humid and hot weather conditions, I believe they really formulated this BB formula perfectly for Southeast Asian countries! Security against both UVB and UVA rays wohoo!