103 THINGS YOU CAN DO ON THE Money-Free Weekend 1

103 THINGS YOU CAN DO ON THE Money-Free Weekend

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Agree to invest a quarter-hour or a half an hour massaging each other deeply and you’ll find that you’re both quite peaceful and happy afterward – and perhaps prepared to try other free and fun activities. 80. Help you an older or disabled friend or neighbor. There’s always a person or two in your life that could use a helping hand but are too proud to ask often.

One great way to bridge this difference is to just stop in and visit and pay attention – if they need something, you’ll find out. Then just volunteer to take action and get yourself started the task. Often Quite, you’ll find that it’s the easy things that really help – reaching something on a higher shelf or owning a simple household task. And that little work can make all the difference. Few things can make you feel more satisfied than helping someone you value in their moment of need. 81. Take up a written publication club – or find one to sign up for.

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If you like reading and know other friends that appreciate it, too, consider starting a reserve club with them where you all to browse the same publication for weekly then meet to discuss it. It could change reading from a solitary activity into a far more socially focused one, and with a library at your disposal, it can be a free activity as well.

82. Play a card’s game. A deck of cards and a few friends are you needed for a fun afternoon. Games like bridge, canasta, pinochle, pitch, euchre, hearts, spades, and 500 aren’t only challenging intellectually, but are intensely social activities as well, drawing you out to connect to others around you. An afternoon with friends and family members This is a perfect activity for, and it costs basically nothing at all. And you have to avoid with credit cards don’t.

Here are 20 great games you can play with stuff you probably have lying throughout the house already. 83. Have an ‘entertainment swap’ with a pal. This one’s easy pretty. Just have a detailed friend brings more than a pile of their own DVDs, CDs, books, and video gaming that they think you’d like. When they arrive, exchange something for an item as a short-term swap. This can not only refresh your mass media collection for some time but can offer a great opportunity that you can talk about your interests with a close friend. 84. Take a child to a playground – and actually play with the kid.

Take your son or daughter, or a child of a family member or a friend, to the neighborhood park. But of just watching the child play instead, dive in and take part, too. Go down the slide. Swing in the swings. Climb across the monkey bars. Not only will the kid to enjoy you for this, you’ll find playing like that is exhilarating – just a little taste of childhood all over again simply. 85. Explore a blog you like. If you’re scanning this, you’re probably at least an informal reader of at least one blog.