How To Optimize And Promote YOUR SITE For Google, MSN And Yahoo? 1

How To Optimize And Promote YOUR SITE For Google, MSN And Yahoo?

Website development is not just a tough job. You can either take action by your own or can hire a professional developer. It’s a onetime work and you can take care of it easily. However the important thing to succeed in web-based business is to make your website on the top rates on the major SE’s – Google, MSN, and Yahoo. How you shall do this?

First of all your basics of search engine optimization should be clear. Your site should be optimized fully. There are some key factors that play a crucial role in making your web pages fully optimized and internet search engine friendly. 12 months experience in neuro-scientific online business From my five, I am summarizing the critical indicators that you have to keep in mind when making your website.

1. The content of the website comes first when talking about SEO. Make your articles informative, simple with 4-6% keyword density of your major keyword. Usually do not stuff your content with a lot of keywords. This makes visitors as well as search engines to think about your website as spam. 2. Title of the web page should tell about the webpage content in a short brief.

For example, if you are talking about arthritis treatment through natural remedies, then your title should end up like – ‘Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain Relief’ and not ‘Arthritis’ or ‘Arthritis Pain Relief’. Make it little descriptive with 6-8 words. 3. Meta tags like keyword and description also needs to be clear and discusses your web page content. Description helps search engines as well as users to guess just a little about your webpage content.

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It tells about the content of your webpage and a well-written description can put your website aside from your competitors. 4. Inter-cross linking of the pages helps easily search engines to crawl. It helps users to make reference to the related webpages also. This escalates the time your visitors devote to your website. And as a total result it increases your website reputation in search engines. 5. Sitemap is also important to permit internet search engine robots to crawl your website easily. It is recommended to post your XML sitemap to the Google webmaster tool. When you have no idea about XML or how to make the sitemap, you can use online sitemap generators to create your website sitemap with ease.

6. Backlinks is another important concern when talking about SEO. Your website needs a lot of quality links to be able to rank well in major he’s back. Make a habit of writing and submitting at least 2 articles a day in all major article directory sites daily. 7. Directory distribution, forum posting, free blogging will be the highly recommended way you can make quality backlinks. The more links your website has back, the greater chances of your website will be on top rates in search engines.

These are a few of the critical indicators that play an integral role in optimizing your website for Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Follow the above simple SEO rules and you also shall start seeing the difference in your web business. If you wish to utilize this article on your website or in your Ezine, make all the rules (links) active.