It Has Eliminated More Than 20 1

It Has Eliminated More Than 20

I started submitting Gannett Blog in September 2007 as a digital water chiller where employees could discuss information at the same time of remarkable change over the information industry. I arranged just two conditions: that I have at least 500 daily visitors, and that Gannett stay considerably the same company. Today, I still have more than enough readers: This site averaged more than 15,000 unique monthly visitors last year, according to Google Analytics, an impressive number considering the business employs no more than 30,000 people. Indeed, since starting, Gannett Blog has produced amazing traffic: 5.5 million visits and 13.4 million pageviews. But with the purchase of 20-place TV company Belo in late December, Gannett is no longer the same company.

Corporate tasks broadcasting will eventually take into account more than half of all profits; throw in digital, and the amount is forecast to go up higher even. Quite simply, Gannett is a TV giant with a side interest in newspapers now, its mainstay business since 1906, when Frank Gannett founded the business with a single daily in Elmira, N.Y.

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Gannett is also a much smaller business. 5.2 billion last calendar year vs. And now Wall Street is raising pressure on Corporate to spin from the troubled newspaper division. I had developed much of this at heart in early December, when I published about Gannett’s digital initiatives in a lengthy post that also acts as a history of this blog. A couple of other known reasons for me to now give up. I turned 57 years of age on Sunday, a turning indicate pursue new adventures while saying goodbye to old ones.

I’ve thoroughly liked publishing Gannett Blog — so much so, I came back in late 2009 after going for a five-month break I at first thought would be long term. This time, I won’t change my mind. You can continue to publish responses through tonight, when I’ll disable commenting for good. The site will remain on a read-only basis so long as Google supports the Blogger software system I use.

There’s plenty to read from the past six years: more than 7,000 posts and almost 140,000 responses. I’m no longer seeking presents from readers. You’ve been greatly generous over the years and for which I continue to be grateful. I will refund any contributions I’ve received since Jan. 1 where I’ve contact information for donors. I’m no longer accepting comments here or anywhere else on this website. Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the green rail, upper right.

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