SolarWinds Access Rights Manager In-depth Review 1

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager In-depth Review

SolarWinds needs no intro when addressing network administrators. The company has been around for about two decades and it is known for making some of the best network administration tools. One of its main products, the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor scores among the best network monitoring tools consistently. The business is also well-known for making some excellent free tools, each addressing a particular need of network administration.

Among these tools, a free subnet calculator and a free of charge TFTP server are some of the most used. Today But, we’re taking a look at the Access Rights Manager, one of the company’s newer improvements. Before we have a comprehensive look at the tool’s best and most useful features, we’ll briefly discuss the need for such a tool.

We’ll explore why the management of access rights is such an important aspect of securing your computer data and what challenges are encountered by network administrators. In this day and age, securing data is one of any administrator’s most significant task. And part of securing data is ensuring access rights are managed correctly.

The inner risk may take many forms. Some unethical employees might be searching for a way to make some quick money by offering private data to competition. But in addition to being the act of ill-intentioned individuals within an organization, data breaches may also happen unintentionally when, for example, employees are ignorant of security guidelines or when they have much access to different system resources too.

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In its 2018 Insider Threat Report, software large CA Technologies says that 90% of organizations feel susceptible to insider attacks. Furthermore, the survey also shows that the main factors behind insider episodes are excessive gain access to privileges, the increasing number of devices with access to confidential data, and the overall growing difficulty of information systems all together. These statistics clearly show the importance of access-rights management.

By providing users with a limited usage of file shares, Active Directory and other resources within an organization are among the best ways to lessen the probability of both malicious and accidental attacks and thefts. But this is simpler said than done. When considering the wide physical spread of today’s network and the thousands of devices that are an integral part of it, handling gain access to rights can quickly become an enormous task, one riddled with risks and pitfalls of all sorts. This is where automated access privileges management tools like the Access Rights Manager help.

The Access Rights Manager (generally known as ARM) was made to help network administrators stay on top of user authorizations and gain access to permissions. This tool, which only grips Active Directory-based systems, is targeted at making user provisioning and provisioning, tracking, and monitoring easy. And it can, of course, help minimize the chances for insider episodes by offering an easy way of controlling and monitoring consumer permission and ensuring that no needless permissions are granted.

Feature-wise, the Access Rights Manager will not leave much to be desired. A rundown of the tool’s principal features Here’s. The SolarWinds Active Rights Manager can be used to monitor and audit changes to both the Active Directory and Group Policy. Using it, network administrators can simply see who has made what changes to the combined group Policy or Active Directory settings, as well as enough time and time of said changes.