One of the More Practical Uses of Tea

As well as writing for this blog and a few others, I actually do a bit of fiction writing on the side, in between this and work. I don’t do it professionally or anything, and I’ve only just started really (well about 9 months) but when I am writing I get this feeling that I can’t really explain. I feel as if I somehow are fulfilling and participating in what I was meant to do. My true calling if you will.

I have been working on a short story. I will spare you the details of it as it is nowhere near completion, and have been trying my best to add at least five hundred words to it everyday. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but trust even that amount of words does take quite a long time. The trouble is, until not long ago, I was having real mind blocks and some days couldn’t think of anything to write at all. Since then I’ve learnt that this is perfectly normal and most professional writers suffer from this all the time.

herbal tea

I read about all the different ways of getting over this slight hump. There were so many funny tips online I couldn’t believe some of them. One took my fancy though, which suggested taking a quick 10 minute breather, sitting outside in the garden and having a cup of herbal tea. I’m a huge fan of herbal tea so I wanted to try this out as soon as possible. The article I read suggested homemade tea, which I wasn’t well acquainted with. Like it said, I bought this loose tea infuser and got to work. Everyday whenever I’d get stuck I’d make a brew and relax for fifteen minutes or so. I was completely amazed by how well this worked. The main thing I learnt was that it was important to take breaks and let my mind relax for a few minutes before starting again. Not only has my work rate improved but I think my writing has improved too. All because I decided to by a loose tea infuser and drink a few more cups each day. Who would have guessed it!?