My Latest Purchase – Dryer Balls

Hello once again my loyal readers. It’s been a good while since I last made contact with you. This time round I wanted to cover something a little out of the ordinary. It’s not something that inspires too much enthusiasm or excitement. Nonetheless, it might end up being considered an integral part of your monthly shopping once you fully understand what it’s used for.

Nevertheless, let me get to the good stuff and inform all of you lovely people as to what it is i’m talking about exactly.

Today, the product under the microscope is something called dryer balls. Have you ever had a job interview and to your shock realised that the clothes you were hoping to wear aren’t actually clean.

Similarly, have you ever been getting ready for a date and realised the perfect outfit you had planned to wear is in the laundry basket.

Sure, in these circumstances you may have the time to chuck them in the washing machine and get them clean; but do you have the time to get them dry? If you don’t have a tumble dryer then the answer is probably no. Without one, clothes can take hours and hours to dry.

dryer balls

Luckily there is a solution though. Recently a brand new product has come to my attention that can help whenever this kind of conundrum arises. Their name? Dryer balls. These little babies are nothing short of miracle makers.

‘How do they work?’ I can hear you say. As you place your clothes into the washing machine for a quick wash, you chuck 1 or 2 of these dryer balls (depending on their size) into the washing machine too.

During the wash, the balls act as absorbers and ensure that when the wash is complete, the clothes come out significantly more dry than they would if they were washed without the balls.

In preparation for this post, we tried a few of these dryer balls out for ourselves. By following the link just provided you can see our favourite!

Anyhow, after trying them out we realised what a complete and utter time saver they are. Don’t miss out and try some now!