Beard Balm Is King

Today I wanted to tell you all about my latest shopping experience. March is a great month of the year. It’s usually the time when winter finally decides to break and spring has seemingly sprung (fingers crossed!). The temperature begins to pick up, and everywhere you go you sense a feeling of optimism amongst the populous.

Everyone has finally paid off their credit card bills from christmas, a nice Easter break is just around the corner, and more importantly, summer is on the horizon. The rise in temperature usually means that people slowly stop donning their winter jackets, scarfs and snoods.

Centuries ago, this may have also been the time when gents decided to cut or at least trim their beard. Their beards would have done a fine job in the winter months keeping their faces warm from the chill, but in the summertime the opposite is the truth.

Nowadays this mass shaving ritual doesn’t seem to exist at all. The reasons is because beards aren’t grown out of necessity or because they are practical. They are grown because they are fashionable. That is the only reason.

If anything, regardless of the seasons, as time goes by you see more and more bearded men coming out into the daylight and showing their faces. The beard movement is alive and kicking and is fair from over. My brother is a staunch supporter of this cause.

beard balm

In fact, grooming, taming, combing (whatever you want to call it) his beard is undoubtedly his new favourite hobby. So much so, that when it came to asking him what he wanted for his birthday he responded by asking for only beard related products.

At first I thought I’d buy him a grooming kit, that contains many different items, but after doing a bit of shopping around I came to the conclusion that these were far too expensive.

I eventually settled on a beard balm that I found on the boots website. It looks pretty great and I’m sure my brother will like it. Now, I want to hear your thoughts. Have you grown a beard recently? And has this new acquisition moved you into purchasing beardy items on the internet or on the high street? I’d love to know.

Ciao for now!